Update on the Fate of the Beach Erosion

house falling

Winter is over, but the devastation that ripped apart the southern coastline of Plum Island has just begun. Two more homes slipped into the ocean after the winter storms, 13 houses have been declared uninhabitable, and more than 1,00 feet of beach has been devoured by the Atlantic in the past decade.

Fortunately for us, Sandy Cheeks is not in imminent danger of sliding into the ocean, but we share the concern of the other homeowners about the beach erosion. We will keep up to date on the efforts being made to salvage the coastline and provide links to organizations dedicated to this cause.

Plum Island Tax Payers and Association (PITA) is devoted to addressing this problem. Link to site…

News reports on the erosion and subsequent loss of the homes in 2013.

Storms of the past and the effect on the island….


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